Saving My Furniture Thanks To A Scratching Board With Catnip

Having a cat is such a joy, but I do need to be careful so that my house remains neat and tidy despite having a pet. I have always been a little bit OCD about keeping things clean and tidy, and I just can’t let my mind be at ease until everything is in its place. I have been getting some helpful products that help keep my home looking great.

One of the products that my cat has really been loving is a scratching board that I got for her. This board came with catnip, which is the perfect touch, sprinkled on top of the scratching board. The board is irresistible to my cat and my cat enjoys using it all the time. The great thing is that the board really saves my furniture.

I am really happy that I found a nice scratching board with catnip online and one that I will surely be using for a long time. The board is the perfect size and my cat uses it whenever she needs some quality time to herself. She looks so adorable using the board too. I am glad that I can give my cat a nice place to scratch with the board.