What to consider when choosing dog collars with led lights

Dog collars are a great way to brand dogs, make them look fashionable and safe during walks. Pet companies have taken dog collars a step further by producing dog collars with led lights that make dogs visible outdoors. These collars keep dogs clearly visible (no matter the lightning) when you walk them at night and early in the morning.

As attractive as dog collars with led lights are, you have to consider several factors before picking a collar. Your location and lifestyle are the first points to consider. Next is the size of your dog, smaller dogs are easier to miss outdoors. How well your dog blends in the landscape is another factor. The less visible your dog’s coat color makes it, the more the need to use a led light collar.

A very vital question to answer when choosing a dog collar with led lights is – how much light is ok? You wouldn’t want to bother your dog’s eyes or vision with the light, would you? As much as we want to keep our dogs safe, we must also consider their comfort. If a collar is uncomfortable, too heavy or too bright, your dog will get restless and anxious.